Our Indicative call rates - We can of course offer flat rate too!

Below are our standard call rates towards most popular destinations.  To receive an accurate price plan be spoke to your personal needs, please contact our sales department.

Fixed numbers: 0,07 DKK/min
Mobile numbers: 0,07 DKK/min

Fixed numbers: 0,05 DKK/min
Mobile H3g: 0,12 DKK/min
Mobile Lyca: 0,11DKK/min
Mobile O2: 0,13DKK/min
Mobile Orange: 0,13DKK/min
Mobile Vodafone: 0,13DKK/min

Fixed numbers: 0,08 DKK/min

Mobile Movistar: 0,19 DKK/min
Mobile Orange: 0,19DKK/min
Mobile Vodafone: 0,20DKK/min

Fixed numbers: 0,07 DKK/min

Mobile E-plus: 0,20 DKK/min
Mobile Vodafone: 0,17 DKK/min
Mobile T-mobile: 0,21 DKK/min

Fixed numbers: 0,07 DKK/min

Mobile Mobile: 0,49 DKK/min

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