Our Hosted PBX

Our PBX Cloud will make functioning your business so much easier.

It will increment internal productivity dramatically. It provides a far superior customer experience, and is very cost affective.

In addition, you will always have full access to your phone system. No matter where you are in the world to be able to fully monitor 24/7.

Our phone system works with your existing software too. Such as an existing CRM or billing system or any other software. Therefore facilitating multiple integration opportunities.

Over 2000 integrations available or you can also simply build your own via using the REST API, too.

With your personal login our system is fully adaptable and interchangeable towards your personal needs.

You are able to view, change, and create many options. Such as queue groups, menus and you can even set holiday messages for predefined dates too. Allowing your company to prepare in advance towards any changes.

All actions can be instantly implemented on your telephone system, optimizing personalised flexibility its maximum.

Hoasted PBX cloud
Hosted PBX cloud mobile

Some of our Hosted PBX features

Upon choosing our PBX Cloud solution, you automatically will receive instant access to our full package and with no additional cost per feature.

This means that there is no hidden fees or upgrade fees.
Should you not be able to find a particular feature from our extensive catalogue of over 70+? Our team is always on hand to help.
We welcome all new ideas, so if you have any requests or suggestions, please let us know.



Receive and send your faxes directly with PBXCLOUD. Create an e-mail and send your fax in just a few clicks.

call record


Record your conversations with both incoming and outgoing audio; listen or download them directly from your Hosted PBX – PBXCLOUD.

Call flow


Link or share the same voicemail inbox with other users on PBXCLOUD.

Mobile access

Mobile Access

Direct mobile access to PBXCLOUD. This way you will always have access to your phone system.



Receive API access to PBXCLOUD, to allow you to integrate your phone system with other applications.

Call forwarding

Call Transfer

Transfer a call, with a single click, directly from your IP phone.

Holiday call


Plan your holiday and out of office messages and use custom messages or actions for the duration of this period.

Call flow

Call flow

Compose your own call flow for each number or combine them across users.


Forward your calls to a mobile phone, queue jump or point it to another direction in your phone system.



Get real time reporting for all calls, users, queues, groups and IVR menus etc.

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Conferencing, Ring Groups, Hunt Lists, Paging Intercomms, GeoIP Blocking, Regional, Outbound Caller ID, CNAM with Cache, Remote Phone Reboots, SIP and RTP Encryption, Condition Variable, BLF, FMFM Confirmation, Call Forwarding, Extension BLF, Virtual Extensions, Hot Desking, Email Template, Flows, Custom Destinations, AGI Scripts, DISA, Feature Codes, Fail2ban, Integration, Defaults, Parking Lots, Stats, Least Cost Routing (LCR), Video Calls, Instant Recording and Pause, SIP Decoding and Debugging, Attended Transfer, Streaming MOH, Multiple Recording Storage Backend, Voicemail Transcript (Voice To Text), Short Numbers, Conduits, Caller ID Blacklist, Call Campaigns, Voicemails, CRM Integration, Nat Control, Dial By Name, Phone Provisioning, PIN Code Dialing, Round Robin, Provider Selection, Find Me/Follow Me, BLF Parking Lots, Spy, Barge And Whisper, Call History, Routing Profiles, Multitenant AMI, WebRTC, Phone Books, Phone Provisioning, MOS Calculation, Caller ID Modding, Multiple MOH, Billing (Postpaid and Prepaid), Antifraud, Wallboards, Recording, FMFM, Additional Destinations, Advanced Routing for Calls, REST API, Blind Transfer, Call Waiting, Call Pickup, Mobile Twinning, External Agents

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Supported IP Phones

Our platform supports all modern IP phones from some of the world’s most popular brands. Such as SNOM, Yealink, Cisco, Polycom, Sangoma, Grand-stream amongst many others.

We currently offer full auto-provisioning to Yealink and SNOM IP phones. Which allows you to configure all devices on your PBX CLOUD in a matter of seconds. All SIP supported IP-phones can be used with our system and is fully compatible.

Please contact us for more information regarding phone provisioning and support.

Here are some of the IP-phones used with our platform currently.

All models are supported with SIP and auto-provisioning and function straight ‘out of the box’.

Are you considering investing in new phones?

Feel free to contact us. We will be very happy to answer any questions and guide you towards what is best for your personal needs

Our Wallboard

Keep track of all calls and data with our PBX Wall Board.

Review live status of your agents. Call queues, call recordings and receive an indication of the call load, displaying the number of calls, talk time and average response time.

Our PBX CLOUD Wall board is fully web based. Therefore, it allows to be displayed on any device that supports websites.

A few examples of interest of what our Wall board can show you are:

PBX Wallboard

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