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Some of our Telephony Integrations

Below is a selection of direct integrations with COMTALK PBXCLOUD

Integrations Dialer

Call center software for inbound and outbound marketing and sales tasks.

Can be integrated with COMTALKs FLATRATE product including unlimited calls to a set monthly fee. The optimum is knowing your budget prior!

Web based call center software for outbound and inbound sales and marketing.

Can be integrated with COMTALKs FLATRATE product including unlimited calls to a set monthly fee.

Integrations CRM

A CRM and Customer Service system, with multi-channel features like Facebook, live chat, web calls, etc.

Receive your calls via LiveAgent and automatically see and review the customer’s information.

A Multi-channel Call-center software, for outgoing and incoming sales and marketing.Will enable you to bring together all communication channels in one enitre system.

 The ultimate booking system for the hotel and restaurant industries.

Send commands directly from the phone to Techotel Picasso. Prepare to turn on / off power or heat with a system call.

An Automatic web dialer software for marketing tasks. Optimized to use minimal number of “clicks” per call. Integration directly into COMTALK’s PBXCLOUD.

Zoiper Integrations

Softphone as free or paid version. Use your IP phone on PC, Mac or mobile devices. Easily set up your PBXCLOUD user in Zoiper. With the possibility of presence status etc.

A Softphone software, available as a paid or free version, for PC, Mac, or mobile devices. Easily set up your PBXCLOUD user on Counterpath Bria or X-lite.

More integrations to come, request for further informations!

Combine your existing data systems and integrate them with Comtalks phone system to unify your most important communication tools.

Comtalks system and solutions, helps immensely to increment and achieve superior workflow of the individual employee, team and your entire operation. As a result, saving both valuable time, money, enhancing productivity, service and customer experience.

COMTALK has an available API for our PBXCLOUD, thus making it possible to tailor the integration towards other third-party systems. However, we already have many active integrations at your full disposition that are ready to go,  plug-and-play.

Besides being able to integrate via API, we already offer a number of integrations ready for your personal use.

The integrations have already been thoroughly tried and tested many times and are constantly monitored, analysed and reviewed.

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