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Bring your own services and knowledge and combine them with Comtalk’s expertise, product portfolio, tools and support.

Begin your own brand supported by a global leader and international team.

Two types of partnerships!


Depending on your business needs, we are here to help you grow.

Read more regarding both options below.

Wholesale whitelabel


If you would like to learn more about one of our two offerings. Please feel free to contact our wholesale department on Tel: +1 (954) 4000 980 or email your enquiry to: wholesale@fonecloud.io

Our Partner Solution....

Choosing our PARTNER model. Would mean that you would be retailing Comtalks existing product portfolio and solutions like you know them today.

Via our very successful PARTNER model, you are authorised to retail all our various solutions.

Which include: Mobile solutions, SIP Trunks, hosted PBX,1000s of global direct routes, and much more……

In connection with our PARTNER model.

-We will provide you with all the necessary material.

-We will also assist & support you with:  Meetings, product demonstrations and further more.

-This will result in you being fully prepared to deliver a world class service to potential customers constantly.

Our Wholesale Solution....

Choosing our WHOLESALE model means that you are able to purchase numbers and traffic via Comtalk directly, plus all of the above.

We provide you with the opportunity to assemble multi products, solutions and customer pricing yourself.

We supply 1000s of global direct routes.

-You will facilitate your own marketing and will invoice your customers independently.

-We offer complete freedom and white labelling in this aspect, in order to assist your own personal business to grow.

To be successful with this model, it is essential that you already obtain an existing customer database that you can build upon and grow.

A CDR compatible billing system is provided. Begin invoicing immediately.  

Should you require any assistance with the mentioned, we are more than happy to assist you.

We specialize in: Telecommunications. VoIP. Digital communications. Voice over internet protocol. Telephony systems.Communication software. PBX. PBX software. Private branch exchange.SMS. Voice. Roaming. Wholesale routes. Call termination. Integrations. Sip. Sip trunks. Telecommunication engineering. Networks.Telecom services. Switches. Servers. Digi telecommunication. Telecommunication devices. Telecom infrastructure. Mobile. Cellular. Sim cards. iP Telephones.

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