Integrate our Voice system with Zoho CRM

Are you looking for Zoho Voice Integration?
Then you’ve come to the right place!

Comtalk offers a simple integration between Zoho CRM and our PBX system for handling VoIP calls inbound and outbound with ease.

Zoho voice integration

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Place customer experience at the heart of your company with Zoho CRM and Voice Integration for the ultimate experience!

As with any company, you depend upon incoming and outgoing calls to communicate with your customers.

However, when your service desk and sales department are separated, you cannot see the ongoing communication flow between them.

An all to common issue is not knowing exactly at which stage a team member is at with mentioned customer.

Via implementing Zoho Voice Integration and our PBXCLOUD with your CRM, you can keep track of exactly who your team member called and when.

Especially during busier times of the year, home workers, part time employees, new take overs, illness, personnel holidays, holiday relief or even in cases of direct emergencies and unavailability.  

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